Career and Cooperation Options

Brazilian Roadshow 2017 on German Research, Innovation & Higher Education in Photonic Health Technologies

Career and cooperation options in photonic research and development for health care and life sciences in Germany

Brazil and Germany enjoy a long and successful track record of cooperation, particularly in the field of Science and Technology whereas photonic technologies have demonstrated their enormous potential to provide sustainable solutions to acute problems in health care e.g. the field of infectious disease diagnostics, cancer treatment etc.

Medical care is the main focus of Leibniz Health Technologies a Research Alliance of the German Leibniz Association. The member institutions carefully research and develop innovative procedures that aid early disease detection, better control effects of therapy and can easily be adapted to individual patients. Medical professionals, scientists and engineers work intensively together to ensure that the technical solutions adequately address the medical problems.

Leibniz Health Technologies and German House for Research and Innovation – São Paulo (DWIH-SP) invite all interested Brazilian PhD Students, Postdocs and Junior Researchers to an exclusive event for career and cooperation options in photonic research and development for health care and life sciences in Germany. Young, scientists will gain access to valuable information of funding and career options at international high level. This event will be organized free of charge both in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and takes places in English language.

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Germany is an excellent place for research because of the emphasis it places on globally networked research cooperation. German industry too is strongly engaged in research and development. Two thirds of the almost 80 billion euros that are invested in this field come from companies. German industry is not just an employer in this field, many businesses also actively engage in promoting talent and research. Therefore the event also provides contacts to representatives from industry and businesses.

Special features of the workshop:

  • To boost knowledge on funding and working opportunities for Brazilian PhD Students, Postdocs, Junior Researchers
  • To identify complementary research strengths and facilitate the use of synergies in future research projects
  • To exchange ideas and expertise internationally, with the objective of exploring the possibility of more substantial future collaboration
  • To offer networking opportunities and to promote global mobility of researchers as key for understanding of foreign science culture
  • To identify opportunities for funding innovation in EU and Brazil